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Epic Board Skins was developed with design in customizing and personalizing your snowboards, skateboards, longboards, skimboards, skis, or waterskis in mind. We specialize in the designing and printing of custom designed snowboard graphics, custom snowboard skins, custom skateboard skins, custom skateboard graphics, custom longboard graphics, custom longboard skins, custom wakeboard skins, custom wakeboard graphics, Waterskis and more. Our custom designed skins can easily be applied to many different boards or ski types.


Epic Board Skins was established in December of 2009, as a new concept design on how to completely personalize your snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard, longboard, skis & even water skis unique to you. Epic Board Skins crew are dedicated in creating the best product with the easiest installation method in mind, this is why we use 3M Scotchprint Technology materials for everything we do! Our skins and graphics are tough and are laminated with UV laminates, so scratches (not scrapes) will buff out with ease. Our easy to apply style adhesives make installation as easy as pie. Creases will even be able to push out with just the top of your thumbnail rubbing it out. ANYONE can apply an Epic Board Skin, No Problems! Bare in mind that some techniques work better than others so we suggest watching our install videos, or reading our install .pdf on the installations page.


Epic Board Skins uses nothing but the best vinyl application material using the latest 3M Scotchprint air release vinyl technology. A similar product used to wrap race cars, buses, & vehicles of any type, shape or size! EpicBoardSkins.com uses a marine grade style material, meant for cold & hot temps! This helps with adheasion, installation, and longevity. 

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  • Catalogue Skins for Snowboards, Wakeboards, Skateboards & Longboards

  • Custom Snowboard Top Skins

  • Custom Skateboard Bottoms

  • Custom Longboard Skins Bottoms

  • Custom Wakeboard Skins

  • Custom Snow Ski Skins

  • Custom Water Skis Skins

  • And more...

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