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Epic Board Skins Ltd

Custom Designed Graphic Skins for Boards or Skis

In 2007 Epic Board Skins was developed with design in customizing and personalizing your snowboards, skateboards, longboards, skimboards, skis, or waterskis in mind. We offer full service designing and printing of skins for any type of board or skis you can think of. We have developed something awesome on this site and that is give you the opportunity to express your own designs by using our “Online Design Tool” that is easy to use and makes sure that no one will ever ride the same graphics as you. You can choose from our catalogue premade designs, upload your own already pre-designed to spec files for us to print, or your a company wishing to express there business with promotional items.

Our products do various things; we can protect your brand new skis or boards, or maybe you just don’t like the graphics on your existing pair, maybe you are competing in events and want to express your sponsors with your very own graphics, or your a mountain or school that wants to customize their rental fleets, prevent theft by being able to pick your board out from the mountains racks with the 3000 + others out there. We want you to be you and ride what you want and we have made our products cheap enough that you could ride new graphics each and every year.

Epic Board Skins uses nothing but the BEST in vinyl application materials using the latest in 3M Scotchprint™ air release vinyl technology. A similar product used to wrap race cars, buses, & vehicles of any type, shape or size! uses a marine grade style material, meant for cold & hot temperatures! This helps with adhesion, installation, longevity and removability with little to no harm to your board or skis. Our products with proper installation should last up to 3 seasons.  Read more…