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Are you an artist or a designer and would like to ride your own art on your board or skis? We’re pretty stoked to see what you've come up with!

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Epic Board Skins already have a lot of great designs to choose from our catalogue of images but everyone has there own unique taste & style & we encourage you to express it. We at Epic Board Skins are always thinking of new & creative ways to allow you to skin your boards using any and every graphic you can imagine while still utilizing the high quality, long lasting materials made by the same 3M Scotchprint™ that we use for all of our products.


Please download the graphic spec sheet read it carefully, design your file, upload it here and we’ll take care of the rest. Once we ensure that all graphics meet our required specifications we’ll print, laminate & ship it to you, ready to be applied.


Please note that:

  • All fonts converted to curves or outlines. Remember what you upload is what we print. So make sure everything is as you want it.
  • If possible print a piece of it out to scale on glossy paper to see how it turns out. As we are not responsible for font conversions, or colour conversions.
  • Your files must be at least 150 dpi to be good resolution.
  • We accept: eps, pdf, jpg, tiff, psd


We understand that not everyone has access to the design software & hardware necessary to produce a file that meets our specifications so we have an online designer tool which enables you to design right online ready for us to print.


wetransferNOTE: If for some reason our form above won’t take your large scaled file please WeTransfer us your file to: info@epicboardskins.com.

Click the WeTransfer image to start your upload. We require your Order # in the comments in order to match your orders!

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